Summer Nature – Mindfulness Retreat

Summer Nature – Mindfulness Retreat

17-19 July 2020


Welcome to enjoy your summer holiday in our favorite place of holistic well-being in Finland: At the Frantsila Well-Being Center! This annual summer retreat invites to Finnish nature, where we practice and deepen our awareness, presence, and well-being by nature meditation, guided visits to the sacred nature sites, and gentle practices of mindfulness. The paradise-like environment by Frantsila Herb Farm is the most inspiring sanctuary in the primetime of the summer. We relax deeply by walking together by the herbal fields and rejoicing the spirit of friendship in our retreat circle.

The purpose of the summer retreat is to have a gentle escape from our everyday routines to revitalize our source of lifeforce and wellbeing. We will connect deeper to our body, emotions, and spirit, becoming completely available to listen our own Being. We will listen to the voice of our own heart and connecting deeper with it in honesty, appreciation, and acceptance. We will touch the teachings of happiness of the Buddha in the uttermost simplicity, as we understand them. We continue from here to the sacred nature site, and connect with the Finnish spirits of nature. We gather to a beautifying summer ceremony and listen to the teachings of happiness of nature itself.

During these days, you can rest as yourself, being available to yourself, falling in love with yourself, and connect deeper to your own energy. We will gently purify and strengthen our storages of lifeforce, so that we are ready to return to our everyday life as ever more grateful and shining light-beings.

The summer retreat is guided by two Finnish folk healers and mindfulness guides, who bring participants from Finland and abroad to their annual summer circle. We enjoy the spirit of freedom, joy, and well-being, that we can co-create in the circle. Each retreat is a unique combination of practices and adventures, and we look forward to experience life together with you. Welcome to visit Frantsila!

During the afternoon breaks, it is also possible to book additional herbal spa treatments of Frantsila, such as massage, energy healing, or herbal paths. If the retreat participants wish, we can also arrange an additional workshop, such as making our own aromatherapeutic scent, during the afternoons.

Retreat guides:

About Helena Karhu: Helena is a full-time shamanic practitioner, healer, and a mother of 7-year old twins. Helenas work includes an anthropological Ph.D. research on Nordic shamanism.  Helena had a long professional career, until her shamanic calling transformed her life, and she couldn’t do other than follow her passion as a teacher, healer and ritual artist. Besides her Ph.D research, Helena’s life work includes the development of her company Karhun Talo (“House of the Bear”). Her dream is to establish a center of shamanism and folk healing at her power place of Koli, Finland. Helena’s main teacher is a Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada in studies of shamanic healing and ceremony. Helena has deep roots in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice and likes to incorporate the Tibetan practices into her Nordic heritage along with the Peruvian wisdom traditions. Helena’s passion is to bring forth the light, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are.


About Sanna-Kaisa Ilmarinen: Sanna is a professional Finnish folk healer, massage and energy therapist and teacher based in Helsinki, Finland. She works at Arla Sauna, one of the oldest public saunas of Finland. She teaches blood-cupping, the ancient Finnish folk healing method, in Finland and abroad. Sannas colorful and varied life experiences makes her a joy to be around, be it her stories from her circus career to her natural explorations in the Arctic. She has brought healing and teaching to countless people during her long career.  Besides healing and teaching, she is a spiritual artist, who has created wealth of treasures on her intuitive writings, poems, drawings, and paintings. Sanna’s artwork is deeply connected to the beauty of all of life, be it the wisdom of the flowers, birds, or tree life. We will find out more about her artistry on this retreat.


Sanna-Kaisa and Helena share their deep loving care for the people they meet, and together they make a radiant and beautiful teacher-duo for the retreat group. They want to welcome you to join this retreat just as you are, and will make their best for you to feel comfortable, safe, honored, and heard, as we also rejoice these days together with joy.

The Retreat location: The retreat takes place in Frantsila Well-Being Center in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. If you are travelling to Finland from abroad, this is truly a unique place to discover the heart of Finland. The beautiful and safe premises are comfortable and have wonderful energy for your summer holiday.

Hämeenkyrö is easily reachable from Helsinki or Tampere airport by bus or by car. Hämeenkyrö is about 50 km north from Tampere. The Well-Being Center is adjacent to the pioneering organic farm of Frantsila Herb Farm, and surrounded by healing, medicinal herbal fields. This place in its peacefulness, tranquility, and pure energy, makes it ideal destination for holding a summer holiday and a retreat. We love this place and are excited to invite you to Frantsila!  More information here:

The retreat fee:

The retreat fee is 200 EUR incl. retreat program and 24% VAT.

Sign-up here: Helena Karhu,

Accommodation with full-board:

It is possible to book accommodation with full-board at the Frantsila Well-Being Center. Accommodation with Full-board (from the dinner of the arrival night to the lunch on departure day) is 180 EUR /per person / 2 nights in shared rooms. Bring your own towel and linen, please! You can also rent those from the well being center. The rent is 25€. To book your accommodation, send e-mail to: Aija Lento Tell your name, name of the retreat, possible food allergies and do you bring your own linen and towel or would you like to rent those. And because we have shared accommodation rooms we need to know if you wish to be in ladies or in gentlemen’s rooms.

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact:

Warm welcome!