The World Of The Shaman

The World Of The Shaman



Guided by Helena Karhu (House of the Bear, Finland) & Shikoba Summer (Yellow Galactic Sun, Denmark)





These are the days of celebration, beauty, deepening breath, and higher visions. At the World of the Shaman, we gather to meet our allies and connect with our own inner wisdom seeker. We bring smiles as we listen. We are ready to feel tears, as we feel. We are ready to laugh, as we can have so much fun. As we take the next step in our Earth Walk, we are ready to dance, make practical solutions, and face our own life by embracing our wholeness of being.


We have deep respect for our own local and regional shamanic and spiritual cultures, and together with this, we rejoice in our universal connection as humankind: We celebrate that which connects us all. During these special ceremonial days, we will connect to our global shamanic cultures, and share deep breaths with the power of Mother Earth. We warmly welcome you to join “World of the Shaman 2021”.


Carried by the wings of the Eagle


The eagle flies with us to higher perspectives in our individual lives and our collective whole. During the “World of the Shaman 2021”, we will create circles of vision and inspiration. We take together our practical actions in stepping into service and developing our life work further. We support each other in our visions and join forces in sacred ceremony for building our creative ideas, companies and businesses, or other purpose we carry to the world. You are not alone in your sacred call for life, and we will create the field of manifestation power to join in action!


Strengthened by the courage of the snake


Snake power is all about life force and energy medicine. We learn about the power of our own bodily energies through the power of breathwork, dance, and meditation. We balance our strong kundalini forces and allow this life nectar to resonate in each cell of our precious bodies. We harmonize our bodily energies to be ever stronger and balanced vessels of the sacred and conscious awareness. We gain clarity and strength to accompany us on the path of wisdom and right action.


Empowered by the strength of the Jaguar

The Jaguar Medicine will assist us in facing our fears. Jaguar brings us the ability to see into our own darkness for better understanding of the duality of life. With this understanding comes the ability to embrace all life has to offer. The spirit of Jaguar teaches us to reclaim our inner power by awakening to our inner core energy. It is the symbol of spiritual rebirth. It protects our medicine space and teaches us the way of peace.


Joy of life with the nectar of the Hummingbird

The core feeling of a self-aware and balanced person is that of joy. We call in the high powers of the Hummingbird Medicine to strengthen our base of happiness and joy. The hummingbird will help us in our workshop with the creative and practical ideas to coach each other further in our service. Allow your work and life to be a path of joy and inspiration! Allow the Hummingbird to assist you on your way! We will connect further with this spirit bird on our days together and call on Her to support our circle this year.


About the breathwork by Shikoba Summer

The powerful breathwork ceremony is guided by our international guest star Shikoba Sommer (Yellow Galactic Sun) from Denmark. Shikoba guides deeply transformative ceremonies, that show the power of the breath and consciousness. It is our unique possibility to invite Shikoba for the second time to Finland, followed by the incredible ceremony we got to experience the last year.


Deep circular connected breath has massive health benefits like stress reduction, mental clarity, emotional well-being, detoxification, increased creativity, libido and energy – not to mention spiritual expansion and exploration in an expanded state of consciousness. It can clear the emotional blocks and limited beliefs stuck in our system, so that our lifeforce energy can once again move freely through our bodies.

The breath helps us create space in our hearts to embrace any abandoned parts of ourselves longing for love. This means facing and feeling where we are attached to suffering, where we have abandoned our inner guidance or anything else that keeps our energy stuck.

On the other side of contraction is – expansion – and the plant medicine of air is a powerful key that can unlock all internal doors and unleash the creative powers hidden in every soul.

Conscious breathing enables us to enter into the vibration of unity where oneness is not just a concept, but a tangible feeling of our connection to all life. It can help us realize our own divine sovereignty and brings us into alignment with our higher selves where we often experience immense clarity around any question we might have.


Cacao ceremony by Helena Karhu:

Helena is being called to offer for the first time ever a public cacao ceremony. Ceremonial cacao is being used as a heart medicine to connect us with ever deeper compassion, love, and relationship with All-That-Is. We connect to the Spirit of the Cacao with Peace and Trust, opening our hearts to a true trust of the life, spirit, and our own way. The warmth will stay with us, as we continue and prepare to the Northern winter season.


Mother Earth Ritual Ceremony

We will have a special ritual ceremony for celebrating Mother Earth with a Finnish guest star, who wishes to be anonymous. S/he will prepare a ceremony, where we all can take part. The key word for this ceremony will be BEAUTY: The most beautiful things we have ever seen… The beauty of the Mother Earth is in us, and we heal the world by the power of shamanic beautification. Let’s rejoice together, how powerful beauty can be!


This long weekend is for you, who is ready to take the next step in your shamanic path to engage in deeper ceremonies and alchemical mastery. This weekend is for you, who already TRUSTS the nature of the shamanic work, who feels deeply the call and curiosity for this weekend, and who already has solid enough personal practice to be able to step into the World of the Shaman with personal engagement to the Great Work.


Welcome to the sacred land of Frantsila

The down-to-earth, natural, and cozy premises of Frantsila Well-Being Center creates a safe and balancing container for our journey together this weekend. We will be eating a lot of grounding food, walk in nature, and rest well, to be able to integrate the powerful ceremonies and high energies.



Helena Karhu:

As the course guide serves Helena Karhu, a shamanic practitioner and artist, and a mother of 8-year-old twins. Helena is currently writing a Ph.D. research on Cultural Anthropology on the female Nordic shamans at the University of Eastern Finland. Helena’s life project is Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), which aims to promote self-awareness through folklore cultures and wisdom traditions. She is born in Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland, and both of her parental lineages have deep roots in North Karelian soil. This is also where she also returned 3 years ago, after living abroad over 13 years. Besides her long-time residence in Copenhagen, her world journeys have taken her across the Northern and Arctic regions in her quest for life. She has lived in Greenland and in Alaska among other places. Helena’s passion is to bring forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the shamanic practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are.


Shikoba Summer:

Shikoba is our invited international guest teacher from Denmark. Shikoba has attended various trainings around the world and is/has been the apprentice of several Curanderas, Shamans, teachers and tribes. She quickly connected to the plant medicine of air as one of her most important teachers. As a Breathwork facilitator Shikoba shares a unique rainbow of her own medicine weaved into every breathwork ceremony combining modern day elements with ancient wisdom.

She is dedicated to assisting and guiding people on transformational journeys into expanded states of consciousness and empower anyone who crosses her path to awaken and explore their connection, devotion and love to Themselves, Spirit and our beautiful home – Mother Earth. She is deeply connected to this Earth and a humble servant to all the Master Plant Teachers. She believes that we are all teachers and students at all times, and her passion is to re-connect people to their own inner guidance and truth – so that every soul can birth their unique gifts into the world.


For whom is this course?

This is an advanced level course. We hope that you have some shamanic or other spiritual practice, that supports you in this step. Participants join on their own responsibility.  All the participants must read the reservation guidelines of Karhun Talo:

The course is completely alcohol- and substance free. We strongly encourage you also to stop smoking this weekend, if you are a smoker.


Course fee and signing up:

The course fee is 350 EUR incl. the course program and 24% VAT. The course fee includes a special charm oil made in Finland for keeping high frequencies for the winter season.

Please pre-register by paying the sign-up fee of 50 EUR here:

The remaining of 300 EUR will be invoiced later.


Accommodation with full-board:

This is an in-person retreat, where we strongly suggest all the participants to reside in the well-being center. This will energetically keep us together during this time and allow your own process the time and solitude necessary for the work this weekend.  The accommodation with full-board is at the Frantsila Well-Being Center. Accommodation with full-board (from the dinner of the arrival night to the lunch on departure day) is an additional 250 EUR /per person / 3 nights in shared rooms. There is a couple of single rooms available with extra costs. Please book your accommodation with full board here:

(if you speak English, book the accommodation via



If you would like to arrive already a day before, you are welcome to build your new healing drum at Frantsila Well-Being Center. The drum course is guided by the Drum Master Ari Kuivalainen from Healing Drum, North Karelia, Finland. Please inquire more information about this course. The course will start already in the morning of the 10th of November. If you come from further away, you might need to book accommodation from Frantsila already from the 9th of November. There will be information about the course in Finnish here: Shamaanin maailma

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact:


The preliminary program:

Thursday 11.11.2021:

16.00 – 17.00: Arrivals

17.00: Opening Circle

18.30:  Dinner

19:30: Cacao Ceremony with Evening meditation


Friday 12.11.2021:

08:0:0 Breakfast

09:00: Course program: Preparing together for the ceremony

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Break

15:00: Breathwork Ceremony by Shikoba Summer

19:00: Dinner

Rest & Sauna


Saturday 13.11.2021:

08:00: Breakfast

09:00: Course Program

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Break

15:00: Coffee/tea available

15:30: Course program

17:30: Dinner

19:00 Mother Earth Celebration


Sunday 14.11.2021

08:00: Breakfast

09:00: Course program

12:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: Course closure

14:00: Departures home