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Frantsila Wellbeing Centre

Frantsila Wellbeing Centre is located in the beautiful Finnish countryside. It is surrounded by lake, forest and fields. Accomodation is in old well kept farm houses. There is an atmosphere of peace and natural living. The meals served are wonderful lacto-vegetarian and are made from mainly organic ingredients. The rooms accommodate 2 to 5 people. The showers and toilets are located separately in the corridor and the sauna building. Experience real comfortable farm style living.

We offer a wide variety of natural treatments and products

You can purchase any of our products from our onsite herb shop. You will be surprised with the variety, over 200 products. At Frantsila Wellbeing Centre you can relax and enjoy a variety of natural treatments, massages, herbal and therapeutic peat sauna. Learn about aromatherapeutic essential oils, see our old essential oil distillation room and make your own healing perfume or aftershave.

Experience what a true relaxation is really all about

You can wonder along our herb path. It will take you through forest, herb fields and meadows and by a forest stream. Stop and enjoy the birds singing, the fragrance from the herbs, the wind whispering through the trees, the merry sound of the forest stream. Let the sounds and scents and the natural beauty wash away all of your cares and worries. In the summer you can enjoy the forest berries; wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and lingonberries.

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We offer a large selection of natural treatments as well as special saunas and Hot tub experiences. Here you can really enjoy, relax and recharge.
Experience the herbal therapy world in the lovely Finnish country side. Choose from the variety of treatments below. Please reserve your treatment  month before your arrival.
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Facial treatment
Fit for a Queen A wonderful pampering effective facial treatment with Frantsila’s natural cosmetics.
Treatment includes facial cleansing pealing, a clay mask and a warm facial pack. Enlivening face and decolte massage. Facial acupuncture treatment as well as neck and shoulder massage with Frantsila’s special herbal oils, ear and head massage. Treatment ending with a hand and foot massage. Results feel like a Pampered Queen. Time 2.0 hours, price 129€

Ayurvedic Head and Face Massage
This treatment is based on the East Indian ayurvedic natural healing principles which are thousands of years old. Head, neck, shoulders, back and face are treated with herbal oils developed by Frantsila. The treatment releases tense muscles, cools the head and relaxes the mind.
Close your eyes and enjoy! We begin with having you sit in a chair and then laying on a treatment table.
Time 1.5 hours, cost 99€

Ayurvedic Head and Facial Massage plus Kizi-treatment
This treatment combines an Ayurvedic oil massage with a special herbal “Kizi” treatment.
The Kizi treatment is a special herbal and oil combination tied up into a bag and then tapped onto the muscles of the back. It is very effective in releasing the tension of the back muscles.
Time 1.5 hours, cost 109€

Frantsila’s Herbal Treatment
Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants to lift the wellbeing of the recipient. This treatment is based on the client’s needs. It will include many of the following: herbal compress, herbal oils, creams, salves and liniment. It may also include some acupuncture, ending with a drink of a herbal tonic.
Time  1,5 hours, cost 129€

Well being Pampering Treatment 
Begin the treatment with a health enhancing herbal foot bath and a drink of “Harmonella”, our herbal tonic for women, and hands treated with a relaxing warm wrap. Warm oat bags will be placed on the shoulders and lower back. Treatment continues with massage with Frantsila’s organic chocolate oil and a warm stone back treatment. Treatment ends with a soothing head and shoulder massage using our ayurvedic oils. After treatment enjoy a drink of one of our herbal infusions and discuss the treatment.
Time 1.5 hours, cost 99€

Time 2 hours 129€

Acupuncture treatment
Acupunction is a very old inclusive treatment which will enhance physical as well as physic well being. This treatment is always based on a client’s needs which would be determined upon consultation. Acupuncture treats the root of problems – not just the symptoms. During the treatments needles will be applied to the needed points and
the client can relax and allow them to give the benefit. After removing the needles there is gentle massage of Frantsila’s pain relief herbal oil.

Time 1 hour, cost 88€

For thousands of years people from all cultures have understood and used the healing powers of the aromatic extracts of plants. Aromatics can be found in flowers, leaves, roots and saps. At Frantsila we have a large assortment of aromatic “essential” oils for use in our treatments. This treatment includes a gentle whole body massage. The aromatic oils used will be selected upon determining the client’s need. They are mixed into a natural vegetable oil base and are ready for use. The Aromatherapeutic oil is absorbed into the skin and gives the desired therapeutic effect.
Time 1.5 hours, cost 99€

Foot Reflexology
This treatment has been known for centuries and used in many cultures; China, India, Japan, and more.
Foot Reflexology works by applying pressure and massage to “reflex points” on the foot.
This affects the well being of other parts of the body, also internal organs. It helps to remove tension and give a sense of balance.
Time 1.5 hours, cost 99€

Traditional Finnish joint mobilization treatment.

The roots of this treatment go back hundreds of years into the traditional Finnish Healing. It is a very effective treatment for back pain and other aches and pains due to improper alignment of bones, joints and ligaments. The treatment is gentle yet effective.

Time 1.5 hours, cost 99€

Hot Stone treatment
Hot Stone therapy has been used for many centuries in the east. The treatment is performed with the use of smooth shaped basalt rock. Its effectiveness comes from the deep penetrating warmth from the stones. It relaxes muscles that are deeper within that cannot easily be massaged. This is a very deep relaxing treatment and greatly stress relaxing.
Time 1.5 hours, cost  129€

Private Therapeutic Peat Treatment
Europeans have used Therapeutic Peat baths for up to 200 years to treat many health complaints. Our treatment treats problem areas with direct application of warmed therapeutic peat to the areas where it is needed e.g. hands, feet, back or whole body. It is a useful treatment for joint pains, hormonal imbalance, helping weight loss, allergies and sensitive skin. Full body treatment: 2 hours, cost 129€

Herbal Sauna for groups
under 10 people 220€/ group
over 10 people 28 € /person

Herbal Sauna and Hot tub for groups
under 10 people 500 €/ group
over 10 people 50 e/person

Therapeutic Peat Sauna plus Hot tub for groups
under 10 people 600€
over 10 people 60 €/person

Towel 10€/person

Perfume making program
1-10 persons 70 €/person
11-30 persons 49 €/person



Frantsila Farm is a pioneer of organic herb growing and has been a natural health product manufacturer in Finland since 1981.

The Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is located 40km north west of Tampere, Finland. The area is environmentaly clean with a high percentage of organic farms adjoining the Frantsila property. The farm has been in the same family for at least 300 years. The growing of herbs on the farm started in 1981 when Virpi Raipala-Cormier and her husband Jim Cormier decided to establish a herbal centre on the family farm.

The philosophical base of Frantsila Organic Herb Farm is to do as much good as possible and to help uplift the overall physical, mental, and emotional health of the public with high quality Finnish organic herbal products and holistic health education.

Development of herbal medicines and other herbal products has been an ongoing process from the early days to present. More than 200 natural health products have been developed over the years.

Virpi and Jim have led Frantsila Herb Farm through various phases of development.

The early years were full of experimenting with different forms of organic growing. Many different types of medicinal plants were put through growing trials. The plants most suitable to the Finnish climate and those with the best medicinal quality were selected for growing and production.

The early years were also very busy with the development of an educational facility and educational programs to meet the thirst for knowledge of plants and healing. Frantsila School of Natural Healing was formed and continues schooling herbalists and other complementary medicine professionals. Frantsila Well-being Centre is the heart of holistic treatments and also acts as welness center for visitors and groups.

By 1986 the public demand to visit the farm had grown to such an extent that an other centre in the beautiful riverside of Hämeenkyrö village was established to meet this need. A public herbal exhibition garden was established. In the same area a vegetarian cafe and a herbal health product shop were opened. Here lectures are given to the public on different herbal topics such as growing, plant medicine, herbal beaty treatment and culinary use.

By being a very dynamic company, Frantsila has won several awards for its contribution to the welfare of the community. Frantsila is networking also with other organic farmers and wildcrafters in Finland as well as natural, health shops, therapists, spas and holistic education professionals.

About the founder’s of Frantsila:

Virpi has worked with herbs since early childhood. She started making herbal tea mixtures and growing culinary herbs as a young girl. She has had a continual interest in herbal growing and herbal medicine throughout her life. She studied Agriculture at the University of Helsinki and graduated as an agronomist. Besides herbalism, she has studied homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences and traditional chinese medicine.

She has actively promoted organic growing methods and holistic views of life and all of Frantsila’s work is of course based on those principles.

Jim worked in gardens and was interested in nature since early childhood. His interest in medicinal plants blossomed after completing high school and before entering university. He studied Agriculture and selected Plant science as his area of study. Throughout the University time and afterwords his interest in herbal medicine grew.

Luckily Virpi and Jim found each other, so Frantsila could be established. Now Jim is leading the production and Virpi is responsible for product development and education.